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January 1, 2019

How rug cleaning is done by the professional

Adding adornments whether for the walls, kitchen and especially the floor.  Corner Rugs are can be used to give life, with its intricate design or detail it simply beautifies the place. To maintain its beauty, rug cleaning orange county provides the professional job. There are different kind that you can choose, this could be in wool or handmade like the Persian type.



Cleaning is not easy and you need to know how to meticulously clean it and to prevent the cause of any damage. Some have delicate materials and if not maintained and cleaned properly it will not anymore be the same.


How do professionals clean your rugs? This service can be done in their facility or in your own area, and they can bring their needed materials, machines to do the work. Here are some that they do before going to action.


  • Determining the type

Doing the first step helps the cleaner determine how to handle the material. Some have the delicate quality and needs to be handled other way to avoid any problem of its quality.


  • Removing dust

It can keep up dirt or dust. With their machines, it helps to easily clear away the dirt and will make it look clean again.


  • Washing and Drying

Aside from dusting, thorough clean is the next step and this is in the washing. With the use of a special solution that is compatible with the quality, it is applied to remove any dirt left. Dried up using their machine for any water left and extracted.


  • Fringe

A rug has an external design which is the tassels. After cleaning, they would carefully handle this to make sure not be ruined.


  • Final inspection

After all the job, inspection for the last time and last touches will be done.